Bed Bugs

Efficient & Effective Bed Bug Solutions

Price Termite & Pest Control takes pride in having the very best bed bug exterminators in the Jupiter, FL area. Recently, we have been managing the increasing amount of invasions by this particular nuisance, which seem to be the case in many other areas as well. It is unknown as to why there’s a surge of this particular pest in the local region, but we think it may be due to the up-rise in people swapping second-hand household goods and also the close proximity of living quarters.

Jupiter, FL Bed Bug Exterminators

Just the thought of bed bugs in your home is likely enough to freak you out. They do feed on you and will multiply quickly if not caught and treated right away. Prior to what you may have heard, they aren’t attracted to filthy living conditions. They’re simply attracted to carbon dioxide.

When a bed bug bites you, it injects it’s saliva which contains a numbing agent. This is why all too often people do not wake up when they’re being fed upon. They will feed for a few minutes at a time, usually, before they return to their hiding spot. Bed bug bites can cause redness, swelling and/or itching.

We provide bed bug inspections to help you get the best results.

“Do I Have Bed Bugs?”

Unsure if you have bed bugs but know you have some kind of bug attacking you at night it seems? You can rule this pest out by doing an inspection. When you know what to look for it’s much easier and less overwhelming. We also advise Jupiter residents at this time that we perform an inspection prior to administering any treatments. This allows us to determine the extent of the population and what kind of treatment method will be most effective.

Signs of Active Bed Bugs In Your Home

  • Dark spots on bedding/linens
  • Egg casings (tiny and yellow) or eggs (about 1 mm)
  • Foul odor in the area/room
  • The actual bed bugs themselves

Call Us For Effective Bed Bug Relief in Jupiter, FL

It is best to call us quickly if you suspect you may have this pest.  Never wait too long or the problem will only get worse and it will be harder to remediate the issue come time treatments actually begin.

There are cases where we have customers call and believe they have bed bugs but end up having a different pest issue. We will help you determine if it might possibly be the cause for your concern, based on the information you can provide over the phone. An inspection is the best way to tell, even if it comes up clear of this pest because we may be able to determine the culprit or suggest how to do so.

You should contact our team of qualified pest exterminators in the Jupiter, FL area at (561) 227-9094 if you think that you have a bed bug problem. If you want the most effective treatment plan then you definitely should call Price Termite & Pest Control today!